Revocable Permit Details

As part of a DLNR pilot program to evaluate the effectiveness of warning signs and safety education with regards to rock climbing safety, a Revocable Permit (RP) has been issued to HCC and its members. Fortunately, joining HCC is a simple (and free!) process. In order to do so, a rock climbing fact sheet and a waiver must be signed and submitted electronically. These waivers will be remotely accessible by DLNR for the purposes of evaluating compliance. By becoming a member of HCC you will help to ensure long-term access to Hawai'i's climbing areas and contribute to a strong, mutually respectful relationship between Hawai'i's climbers and the State DLNR. The Mokulēia Wall was closed by the State for more than two-and-a-half years, and only through painstaking volunteer efforts has access been returned to the public. Please read and understand the Seven Surefire Ways to Lose Climbing Access post from the Access Fund.

Do your part to help keep the crag open, clean, safe, and friendly by alerting HCC of any of the following conditions:

  • any destructive activities including, but not limited to, rampant littering, fires, camping, graffiti, or other vandalism that cannot be quickly halted
  • any warning signs that have been damaged, vandalized, removed, or defaced
  • any cases of misuse or abuse of rock climbing equipment
  • any unsafe hiking or climbing conditions


  • Installing new bolts or fixed anchors (including pitons)
  • Golfing
  • Fires and camping
  • Using or disposing of hazardous materials
  • Consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  • Knowingly defacing the cliff in any way (including graffiti, writing, and chipping)

Please help keep this site safe, friendly, and beautiful by agreeing to:

  • Treat other users with respect
  • Help clean up chalk and tick marks
  • Identify and report safety hazards
  • Stay on established trails
  • Dispose of human waste appropriately and pack out toilet paper
  • Keep a low profile by minimizing group size and noise
  • Pack out ALL gear and rubbish and Leave No Trace

Some additional tips from our friends at Access Fund.