Mokulēia Wall

The Mokulēia Wall is a 95' band of volcanic basalt 'blue rock' riddled with aretes, dihedrals, cracks, and even the odd face climb. The vast majority of the more than 50 routes are bolted for sport leads, but trad and mixed options are available as well. Accessed from within Ka'ena Point State Park on the North Shore of Oahu the trailhead is just 0.2 miles past Camp Erdman on Farrington Highway in Mokulēia. Roadside parking is available on either side of the highway. There are no restrooms available; plan ahead, bury human waste at least 6" deep, and pack out all toilet paper.

From the road, the trail steeply climbs the hillside to the base of the cliff band. Please be advised that the 20-40 minute approach is steep, hot, and moderately strenuous; bring plenty of water and food for your trip to the crag. Also be advised that HCC maintains a community aid box just to the left of where the trail reaches the cliff. Hiking down the trail in the dark is ill advised, since unwarranted rescues have been called after people saw headlamps high up on the hillside after dark; please plan ahead and be off the trail before dark!

Routes range in difficulty from 5.7 to 5.13c. The tallest routes at Mokulēia have 12 sport bolts in addition to anchor bolts or permanently fixed anchor chains. For the most part, natural cracks have remained unbolted, so there are a number of mixed-lead routes requiring the use of sport bolts and trad gear; please be aware that you could face groundfall potential if you find yourself on a mixed-lead climb without the appropriate gear.

Like many climbing areas, the area immediately above the cliff consists of unstable terrain on a steep slope and is not suitable for completely topping out or hiking around to set up top-ropes. Please do not attempt to access the top of the cliff!

Top-roping is available on most routes through the use of guide strings running through fixed anchors. Simply attach the guide string to your rope using a few clove hitches and pull your rope up through the anchors. Please be courteous to your fellow climbers and be sure to replace the strings so that others can make use of this option, should they lack the gear or desire to lead climb. This feature is provided as a convenience and a safety measure but is by no means guaranteed to be in place on each and every route. The materials for these guide strings are provided by donation, so again, please be respectful and treat them as you would treat your own gear. If you have any questions about this system, don't hesitate to ask other climbers to show you the ropes!

The preservation of natural resources is of paramount concern to HCC, especially considering that we are on a very densely populated island. While visiting Mokulēia and other wilderness areas throughout Hawai'i, take only pictures and leave only footprints. Please strictly adhere to Leave No Trace principles and sign The Pact.

For your safety, we highly recommend that you wear a helmet for the duration of your visit to the Mokulēia wall. Always perform routine inspection of your safety gear including, but not limited to ropes, carabiners/quickdraws, harnesses, and belay devices. Be honest about your abilities and be willing to improve because You're Probably Not A Great Belayer.